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Low Temperature Fruit Vacuum Frying Machine

Automatic Fruit Chips Vacuum Frying Machine is used for fruits and vegetable low-temperature frying, which can avoid color-changing or fragrance loss during frying.  Fruits Chips ...
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Automatic Fruit Chips Vacuum Frying Machine is used for fruits and vegetable low-temperature frying, which can avoid color-changing or fragrance loss during frying.  Fruits Chips Vacuum Frying Machine can also avoid oil deterioration which can save a lot of oil.  With the advanced technology of vacuum frying, fresh fruits or vegetables can become Fruit and vegetable chips in a very short time. These Fruits Chips or Fruit Chips are low moisture content and low oil content, which is easy to keep and looks very good.  Nowadays, Low-Temperature Vacuum Frying Machine has been widely used for fruit (apple, banana, jackfruit, pineapple, peach etc.), vegetables (carrot, pumpkin, snap bean, sweet potato, taro, garlic, green pepper, onion …..), dry fruits, Chinese date, peanut, and other aquatic products and meats.

Automatic-Low-Temperature-Fruit-Chips-Vacuum-Frying-Machine Automatic-Fruit-Chips-Vacuum-Frying-Machine-Product

Features of Low-Temperature Vacuum Frying Machine

  1. The vacuum frying process includes heating, frying, oil storage, deoiling, dewatering, oil filter integration design, which is under vacuum condition. Because of lack of oxygen in food processing, this can reduce or even avoid oxidation (such as fatty acids, enzymatic Browning and other oxidation, etc.) caused by the damage. In the negative pressure state, the water (free water and partially combined water) inside the food will rapidly evaporate and spurt out with oil as the heat transfer medium, causing the tissue to form a loose and porous structure.
  2. Automatic control of temperature and pressure (vacuum degree), no overheating, no overpressure, to ensure product quality and safe production.
  3. Variable Frequency Regulation is adopted for oil removal, which is suitable for all products with low oil content and high oil content.
  4. The oil-water separation system can cool and separate the evaporated water and oil, reduce the pollution of water circulation, improve the repeated utilization rate of water and reduce the loss of oil.
  5. Oil filtration system: upper and lower oil tanks, two-chamber heating system, separate control of heating, oil circulation filtration during frying, so that the oil is always kept clean, and reduce oil waste.
  6. The machine is made of the national standard food-grade non-rust rigid material, featuring high efficiency, stable performance and convenient installation and use.

Parts List of Vacuum Frying Machine


Name Quantity Remark
1 Vacuum frying tank 1 set SUS304(GB)
2 Oil tank 1 set SUS304(GB)
3 oil circulating pump 1 pcs SUS304(GB)
4 Condenser (high performance) 1 group The Dutch technology
5 External heater (high performance) 1 group The Dutch technology
6 Oil and water separator assembly 1 set Independent research and development
7 Circulating filter 1 pcs SUS304(GB)
8 Vacuum pump roots assembly 1 group SUS304
9 Vacuum pipeline and circulating oil pipeline fittings 1 set Sus304food grade
10 pneumatic ball valve 1 pcs Sus304food grade
11 manual butterfly valve 1 pcs Sus304food grade
12 Manual butterfly valve 1 pcs Sus304food grade
13 Manual butterfly valve 2 pcs Sus304food grade
14 PT100 2 pcs GB
15 Bottom rotating mechanism (lianxing patented product) 1 group German mechanical seal ring
16 basket 2 pcs SUS304(Gb punching)
17 Liquid level sight glass 4 pcs
18 searchlight 2 pcs
19 Emptying valve 4 pcs
20 Pneumatic Angle seat valve 3 pcs
21 Stainless steel frame bracket 1 set SUS304(GB)
22 electrical control cabinet 1 set
23 Discharging device 1 set
24 operating deck 1 set
25 Equipment instruction and after-sales service card 1 pcs
26 Installation Instruction 1 pcs

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